VimoGolf: The first swing analyzer app for Android Wear

VimoGolf: The first swing analyzer app for Android Wear

Until October, Android Wear hasn't meant much for golfers. A pair of GPS apps have been released that sync with the wearable line of devices, but that's about it.

However, a month-old app is breathing some life into Android Wear for us duffers. The app is called VimoGolf, and it's a full-featured swing analyzer app. There are plenty of devices in the marketplace that do this work. However, all of them attach to something -- your glove or your club's shaft -- in order to record the movement of your swing, and they all cost more than the $1.99 you'll pay for VimoGolf. Meanwhile, when you're done with the app, you can use your Android Wear for other purposes. There's no secondary or tertiary purpose for those attached devices.

As you swing with the app, it records your hand position some 200 times. VimoGolf provides feedback on swing speed, tempo, swing plane, impact angle, swing path, grip angle and more.

For the money, it's hard to beat and worth a look if you get an Android Wear device as a gift this holiday season.

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