VIDEO: Golfer hits ball backwards into hazard, goes on epic fit
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VIDEO: Golfer hits ball backwards into hazard, goes on epic fit

You took your time. You see how you want to hit the shot in your mind. You pull the trigger. And disaster. Then anger.

That's where we pick up with this video posted to Facebook by Swede Patrik Vesterlund back in March. Vesterlund is trying to hit a pitch shot off an uphill lie just off a green at a golf course in Australia. Instead, he somehow hits the ball backwards a few yards into high grass growing out of a water hazard.

The meltdown starts with a look of disbelief, then turns into a club tomahawk into the hazard, followed by the kind of dive Happy Gilmore made when going to take on Chubbs' hand-eating alligator. After picking up the club and swinging at the grass-suspended ball from the water, he gets out of the water, only to return with another dive.

On the plus side, he didn't break the club.

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