Weston Golf Club calls police to arrest jeans-wearing members
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Weston Golf Club calls police to arrest jeans-wearing members

Jeans are a serious no-no at Weston Golf Club. Denim is such serious business at the Boston-area club that the police were called on Saturday to break up a heated argument about enforcement of the club's dress code.

On a Saturday night in September, the Weeples arrived at the club around 10:45 p.m. with some other guests to have a nightcap at the clubhouse bar. They were apparently wearing jeans, expressly prohibited under the dress code, except for female members who can wear “neat, not torn, white denim.”

Club president Tom Ferry apparently noticed the attire, intercepted the couple and told them, using explicit language and derogatory names, that they were in violation of the code and could not remain on the 104-acre property dressed that way. Charlotte Weeple apparently initially thought Ferry was joking; he wasn't. Some 10 minutes later, Weeple's husband and Ferry had come to blows. Police were called at 10:58 p.m, according to the Boston Globe.

When police arrived, there was no sign of a physical altercation. The Weeples eventually left, never meeting their friends for that nightcap. The guests maintained they weren't wearing jeans.

In light of the incident, Ferry volunteered to take a one-month leave of absence from the club. That wasn't good enough for peeved membership, and Ferry resigned in early November.

Nonetheless, a Salem bootcut hunt ensued. Weston's board of directors investigated a number of members for either violating the dress code or inviting guests who did. They then recently issued three-month suspensions to 10 members (five couples) after an investigation. The couples still have to pay their dues during the suspension.

In response, and I can't believe I'm writing this in 2014, the couples collectively penned a letter showing remorse...for wearing jeans or knowing someone who knowingly wore jeans.

“One thing we can promise you is that this group does not lack integrity,” the families wrote. “We are all parents of young children (15 in total) and you can be sure that conversations concerning the imperativeness of kindness, truthfulness, respect, honesty, humility and accountability fill our homes each day.”

Again. Jeans.

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