Angry golfer posts missive after apartment neighbor's sexcapades
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Angry golfer posts missive after apartment neighbor’s sexcapades

Golfers eat, breath and sleep the game. They even dream about the game.

An Australian golfer had his golf dreams interrupted too many times by his apartment neighbor's noisy, late-night sexy time and decided to do something about it. He wrote a letter to the neighbor in Apartment 12 in their Bondi Beach building and cleared the air.


The letter, posted on Reddit by the noisy neighbor's friend, reads in part:

Let me give you a play by play. As I am asleep, dreaming of playing the perfect game of golf, I near the 13th hole, when suddenly I am awoken by what I can only describe as sounding like a Rhinoceros attempting to demolish a wall, with a jackhammer, whilst high on meth...and cocaine.

This primeval grunting and banging continues to get louder, to which I can only assume the rhinoceros has almost finished demolishing the house. OR the aptly named "NICK, OH NICK" is about to ejaculate...

I do not know who "NICK!" is, or how much he weights (sic), I can only assume it is a lot due to the fact that on several occasions my bedroom slight begins to shake.

To be fair, sounds like the haranguing hacker has a pace of play problem. While he's asleep on the 13th hole, Nick's awake on the 19th.


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