VIDEO: Aussie baseball player makes hole-in-one with bat as club
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VIDEO: Aussie baseball player makes hole-in-one with bat as club

We've seen some pretty astounding talent on Golf News Net. From ricochet trick shots to putting up and down backstops, golfers can do some amazing things. But a hole-in-one with a baseball bat? That's kind of hard to believe, so we'll leave the judgment on this one up to you.

The Australian Baseball League has reposted a video shot last July by members of the Melbourne Aces golf team. It features Ace Cameron Forbes making a hole-in-one using a bat as his club at Sanctuary Lakes Club.

Of course, when you first see this, you're inclined to think it's fake. How can you not, especially with that pause in the shot where the camera loses the ball just before it falls to the ground and bounces in the hole?

Here's a version of the video, without the ABL edits, uploaded to YouTube.

Real or fake? We're leaning toward fake, and here's why.

This video is part of a three-part series created by Ogilvy Australia to promote the team. The second video shows Aces player Scott Wearne finishing off a 7-10 bowling split with two baseballs, while the third stars Aces player Brad Harmon catching ten field hockey balls in a row blindfolded.

According to creative industry news website Little Black Book, Ogilvy admits much of the footage was altered to make it more dramatic, though several players “got pretty close” to pulling off the tricks.

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