VIDEO: Jamie Donaldson tells too-close cameras to 'F*ck off'

VIDEO: Jamie Donaldson tells too-close cameras to ‘F*ck off’

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Jamie Donaldson wasn't in a good mood. The Welshman had just put his approach shot in the water at the par-5 third hole in the first round of the BMW Masters.

Donaldson took his drop on the other side of the lateral hazard, which then nestled down into the grass, probably miffing him more. Then as he was preparing to hit his next shot, it dawned on Donaldson just how close the two-person camera crew was to his chip shot.

“Guys, you can’t stand there,” Donaldson told the crew. “F*ck off over there somewhere.”

Then the shot pans out to the tower view of the green while the commentators remain silent and the on-ground crew backs away from Donaldson.

The good news for Donaldson is he recovered well from the resulting double bogey, shooting 4-under 68 to finish three behind leader Alexander Levy.

Via Fox Sports Australia