PHOTO: Enjoy this double 360-degree rainbow at an Aussie golf course
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PHOTO: Enjoy this double 360-degree rainbow at an Aussie golf course


Of course you've seen a rainbow. You may have even seen a double rainbow. But you probably haven't seen a double, 360-degree rainbow. And what better backdrop to see one than a golf course?

This photo was taken in Sept. 2013 from a helicopter flying past Sea View Golf Club in Perth, Australia. It's an awe-inspiring picture, but what's the science behind it?

Rainbows, by nature, are actually 360 degrees, but we typically only see the tops of them because we're looking up at them (and the light shining through water to create them) from the ground. From the air, it's possible to see the full rainbow. The double rainbow was just a bonus.

Via Eye View Photography


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