Apparently, don't get an ear spacer if you want to join the PGA

Apparently, don’t get an ear spacer if you want to join the PGA

We all do dumb things when we're younger. Many of continue to do them when we're older, but we digress. Among your list might include getting ear spacers -- you know, to make your earlobes a flesh tunnel in lieu of getting an earring like a sensible rebellious person.

Well, turns out that respectable employers don't want to hire people with a dime-sized hole in their ear, including, apparently, the PGA of Great Britain.

The Guardian reports a golf connection to the country's latest plastic surgery trend: closing up your earlobes. If the earlobe is stretched beyond a half-inch in size, it can only be closed with a surgical procedure.

“There’s a lot of negativity around about ear-stretching,” said surgeon Adrian Richards. “We recently treated a golf professional who was joining the PGA. They wouldn’t let him join with stretched ears."

Then again, having such a large space in your ear would make a great space to put your ball marker.