AUDIO: Buffalo indoor driving range may well be haunted
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AUDIO: Buffalo indoor driving range may well be haunted

If you believe in ghosts, or even if you're a little skeptical of the supernatural, you could imagine how a golf course could be haunted. Enough golf games have died at courses over the centuries that it would completely reasonable for a ghost to pester hackers from the afterlife.

But an indoor driving range near Buffalo, N.Y.? That doesn't seem like a cursed place. Not so fast, my friend.

The operators of Paddock Golf Dome in the town of Tonawanda received a phone call from their security monitoring company Sonitrol on Sept. 30, suggesting someone was in their building around 2 a.m., maybe robbing them. They showed up to the dome to find out no one was there. In the morning, they received 12 minutes of audio from the security company in which they heard a lot of loud, crashing noises. However, they can't seem to figure out the source.

Even creepier, at a couple of different points in the audio (namely, the 6:49 mark) it sounds like a voice is whispering "Who is she?" Motion detectors on the property were never tripped.

“The breath is the one that really made me go, ‘Whoah,’" said operator Josh Edholm to the Buffalo News. “The crash you could try to explain as something. But the breath, the fact that it sounds like it’s sitting right next to the microphone is the one that really makes my skin crawl.”

This isn't the first time there's been a possible ghostly encounter at the golf dome. Multiple servers have reported the ghostly outline of a tall figure.

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