VIDEO: This is the worst and weirdest golf swing you'll ever see

VIDEO: This is the worst and weirdest golf swing you’ll ever see

You've done it before. You've seen something so ridiculous that you whipped out your phone and started video taping it. That's what this cameraman did in filming what has to be the strangest golf swing you've ever seen.

The shooter explains that the man was doing this throughout his range session, so it wasn't simply an imitation or messing around with diferent contortions of the human body. This is how this guy swings on every shot. There's a full torso turn, almost in "Exorcist" fashion, with some arm-weaving on the disjointed path back to the ball.

What's most amazing is that the guy hits the ball. Most people would just fall on their face, but this guy has found a way to make contact with this action. He may never break 60 for nine holes, but that's kind of impressive.