Only in France: judo, long jump on the golf course
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Only in France: judo, long jump on the golf course

Here at Golf News Net, we don't typically share foreign-language films. Frankly, we usually have no idea what's going on in them. And while we don't speak French (we have Spanish down pretty well), it does seem pretty clear what's happening in this video.

Golf will make its return to the Olympics in 2016, ending a 112-year absence that, interestingly enough started after golf was in the Olympic program in Paris in 1900 and St. Louis in 1904. It seems some French federation -- either for golf specifically or the Olympics in general -- are trying to promote the sport by bringing other Olympic sports to the golf course.

On the docket? Judo and long jump. Judo seems to be taking place on or near a putting green, with the long jump happening all in a bunker.

We must admit, a pentathlon involving golf and judo and three other sports does sound like a lot of fun.

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