Ian Poulter: If playing the Ryder Cup is a 10, then the Masters is a 3

Ian Poulter: If playing the Ryder Cup is a 10, then the Masters is a 3

If you've ever watched Ian Poulter play in the Ryder Cup -- and we're not sure how you've missed him go 12-3 in four appearances -- then you almost certainly have wondered how the Englishman doesn't have a major. If he can play that way under such pressure, you've thought, then a major breakthrough is inevitable, right?

For Poulter, the Ryder Cup is the ultimate competition; everything else pales in comparison. He made that clear in an interview with the Daily Mail.

"If you think of it as a 10 for the Ryder Cup, I’d still only give it a three for playing in even the Masters," Poulter said. "That’s my problem, there’s no middle ground. The first tee at the Open? Yes, you get a little buzz, but it’s not the same."

Even winning a tournament doesn't come close.

"When you’re winning tournaments, there’s a rush for the final few holes, but it’s such a short window and even then it’s still only a seven," he said.

Poulter has been the leading point-earner for Europe in each of the last two Ryder Cups. He has four worldwide wins since the start of 2010. Two have come in match-play events. Two have come in the 45 days after a Ryder Cup. That's all you need to know about the Englishman and how he feels about the Ryder Cup.