Forced by wife to sell luxury golf cart, man posts hilarious classified ad
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Forced by wife to sell luxury golf cart, man posts hilarious classified ad

Oh, the things we'll do for love. An Australian man was recently given an ultimatum by his wife to sell a bunch of his luxury possessions from his bachelor days or risk losing her. So he's half-heartedly put them up for sale on the Aussie classified site Gumtree, including his 1999 Lamborghini golf cart.

The ad itself is a thing of beauty.

My poor baby Lamborghini Golf Cart is next on her low browed hunt for treasured items to have me sell totally against my will yet as we are all familiar with the saying "happy wife" can't remember the rest nor do i much care for whatever comes next right now either!!!! 

As is the case with my MOTO which she has also turned her slap happy hand to, i truly think you are wasting your time even looking at this Golf Cart. Its had a custom job done to it which was done by the cheapest hobo i could find that was out of work and im sure he just did it with a toothbrush or something of that nature. The wheels are way too black, but also have dirt and maybe even grass infected with EBOLA or ANTHRAX still on them, has an on board computer with diagnostics but have never managed to be able to get porn on it so found it a complete waste of time! Italian leather seats that i will be sure to fart on as much as humanly possible prior to any test drive or inspection as i am presently eating as much broccoli and cabbage as i can lay my hands on. I believe it was also possibly used in several Italian Mafia Drive By Shootings before coming to Australian being made in Italy by Tonino Lamborghini (son of Mr Lamborghini) back in 1999 and could well be involved in other slow motion drive by shootings once it landed here before coming into my possession. Happy to pass on any buyers details once sold for police quarantining or further inspection in relation to these claims. 

In short its a rust bucket piece of imported rubbish that is surely to annoy all those who drive it and anyone who has the complete misfortune of owning it would surely agree with me. 
Comes with charger, spare seat and headrest (also farted on), manual and some parts. 
Apart from the exceptional beer holding capabilities of this golf cart, it really has absolutely nothing going for it at all, nor should it be considered by anyone in the market for a golf cart. You will only find that it attracts other males and not ladies, and that you might find it immediately reduces the size of your genitals should you purchase it for on or close to the asking price!!!! 
If you have any enquiries please feel free to direct them to the sky or a poo-filled toilet. 
Don't forget to check out my other items except for my Yamaha leave that the hell alone!! 
P.S Antidote to both Anthrax and Ebola offered to new owner at extra cost.

The golf cart can be yours for AUS 3,500.

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