VIDEO: Rory McIlroy made 55 consecutive 10-footers at Tour Championship
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VIDEO: Rory McIlroy made 55 consecutive 10-footers at Tour Championship

Rory McIlroy got ready for the final round of the Tour Championship on Sunday by trying to make as many 10-footers in a row as he could on the East Lake putting green. McIlroy probably didn't expect to be there as long as he was.

The world No. 1 made 55 consecutive 10-foot putts while getting ready for his final pairing with ultimate Tour Championship and FedEx Cup champion Billy Horschel. The sped-up video shows McIlroy draining the putts while caddie J.P. Fitzgerald faithfully retrieves the balls from the cup and brings them back to McIlroy's feet.

McIlroy falls short of Joe DiMaggio's hit streak, but, although the run didn't count for anything, it was impressive nonetheless.

On average, PGA Tour players make a 10-footer 38 percent of the time. Multiplying those odds together 55 times, and the chances of McIlroy (or anyone) pulling this off are 0.000000000000000000000772855%.*

* - These odds assume some things that are probably untrue. First, the putt appeared to be a straight-uphill 10-footer. With no movement, it should be easier than a standard PGA Tour 10-footer. Second, Rory had an alignment tool to help with a consistent stroke. Combine the two and the putt should be made more frequently at the start with the odds improving (to a point, perhaps) over the course of the exercise. But if you've read this far, you knew that anyway.

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