Man swings world's longest golf club into Guinness record books

Man swings world’s longest golf club into Guinness record books

Kids are always told to dream big. We're not quite sure this, however, is what the adults implied.

Dane Karsten Maas set a Guinness world record in August for swinging the world's longest golf club. Maas was observed swinging a club that's almost 14-and-a-half feet long.

Maas surpassed his own world record with this driver, passing his prior record by 2.5 inches, when he gripped and ripped a 14 foot, 2.5 inch driver.

The record-setting drive went 182 yards, some 40 yards longer than how far he hit his previous driver.

The club is so long that Maas has to continue swinging it several times around himself after impact so as to allow the momentum carrying him to dissipate.

When he's not swinging cartoonishly long golf clubs, Maas is -- you guessed it -- a trick-shot artist.