Count carbs, not fat, to lose more weight and be in better shape

Count carbs, not fat, to lose more weight and be in better shape

If you're reading this, you probably want to lose some weight. It could be 5 lbs., or it could be 50.

Either way, diet is a crucial factor -- regardless of how much you exercise. A new study suggests that, if you're going to cut out one big thing from your diet, it should be carbs, not fat.

A new study financed by the National Institutes of Health and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine followed a racially diverse group of 150 men and women, with some asked to maintain a low-carb diet and others focusing on cutting out fat. The low-carb group lost an average of 8 lbs. more than the low-fat group and had more muscle mass after a year of dieting, reports the New York Times.

On top of that, the study showed no substantial increase in the intake of saturated fat or in cholesterol among the low-carb dieters.

So, if you're looking to drop a little weight, you may want to look at a low-carb diet and walking 18 a little more often. It'll do your body good.

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