Ryder Cup bans fans, players from posting pics, video to social media
Ryder Cup

2014 Ryder Cup bans fans, players from posting pics, video to social media

If you're at Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup -- playing, spectating or just drinking in a raucous setting -- don't plan on posting any pictures or video to Twitter or Facebook. It's against the rules.

The regulations for spectators at the Ryder Cup strictly prohibit fans from sharing photos and video they take while on the grounds through any social media service.

Images taken with a camera, mobile phone or other electronic device cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes.  You must not sell, license, publish (including, without limitation, via twitter or Facebook or any other social media site) or otherwise commercially exploit photographs.  Ryder Cup Europe LLP shall own all intellectual property rights in materials taken or recorded in the venue.

Most of that is typical language. Here's what the PGA Tour says:

As between you and TOUR, you hereby waive any claim of ownership to and acknowledge and agree that TOUR owns all media rights (now existing and to be developed) associated with the Tournament, including without limitation all accounts, descriptions, recorded images (still or moving), sound recordings, and scoring-related data of, from and at the Tournament (“Reproduction”). Without the express prior written consent of TOUR, you agree not to capture, transmit or facilitate transmission of any Reproduction on the days of competitive golf rounds (normally Thursday-Sunday) and not to stream or facilitate streaming of any Reproduction on any day of the Tournament, including without limitation, any Pro-Am. You agree that in no event will you use or authorize others to use any Reproduction for any commercial or promotional purpose, and that any editorial uses of Reproductions require an official media credential.

Basically, you agree that the PGA Tour has the right to make money off of their property and you, non-rightsholder, do not. Reasonable. However, the Tour also says nothing about a fan's right to share photographs taken within the scope of their ticketing regulations.

A spokesperson for Ryder Cup Europe LLP told The Telegraph, “The Ryder Cup is one of the world’s most recognized sporting events, and, as such, we need to ensure that the brand, encompassing fair play, teamwork and camaraderie is protected at all times -- which means ensuring that images of the event are not used for monetary gain in a manner which may go against those principles. The taking of pictures during high-pressure sporting events has also been shown to have an adverse effect on players, with shutter sounds and bright flashes proving to be a distraction at critical moments. It is not fair to compromise the sporting occasion for either the players or those spectating.”

The statement in no way deals with the true issue at hand, but there you have it.

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