VIDEO: Man moves business partner's office to the golf course...literally

VIDEO: Man moves business partner’s office to the golf course…literally

The obsessed golfer finds a way to turn the golf course into the office, or vice versa. Some people take that a little too far.

A British businessman decided to do something about his partner's penchant for being on the golf course more often than he's at the job. He took the office quite literally to the golf course.

Tony Coleshill created printing firm b2b1 Print with Chris Antoniou in 2001. The company has become a resounding success. However, once Antoniou, 50, took up golf a few years ago, he started doing less work than his equal partner. Apparently, employees found Antoniou on the golf course or the driving range during office hours.

When Coleshill surprised his partner on the links with his partner's new outdoor office digs on the 10th tee, Antoniou didn't seem too pleased.