PGA Championship has richest purse of the 2014 majors

PGA Championship has richest purse of the 2014 majors

The PGA Championship is no longer Glory's Last Shot, rather Glory's Biggest Paycheck.

Earlier this year, the PGA of America announced it has boosted the PGA Championship purse to a record $10 million, tying a concurrently bumped Players Championship purse for the largest in pro golf.

The R&A released the Open Championship purse on Monday, coming in at £5.4 million, a hike of £150,000 over 2013. In U.S. dollars, that comes to $9.25 million, with $1.67 million to the winner.

That puts the Open Championship second on the list, ahead of the $9 million purse for both the U.S. Open and Masters.

2014 Major Championship Purses (Winner's share in parenthesis)

  • PGA Championship: $10 million ($1.8 million)
  • Open Championship: $9.25 million ($1.67 million)
  • U.S. Open: $9 million ($1.62 million)
  • The Masters: $9 million ($1.62 million)

By comparison, Novak Djokovic won $3.01 million for taking the Wimbledon title on Sunday.