VIDEO: Make summer golf using a water balloon tee?

VIDEO: Make summer golf cooler…by using a water balloon tee?

It can get downright steamy out there playing golf in the summertime. It's important to stay cool and hydrated while playing, but drinking water only does so much to help. You might walk through a spitting sprinkler during the round, but they're unreliable. That's why this idea from the folks at Hack to Jack is a good-ish one.

On the driving range, they challenged a player -- probably not a trick-shot artist -- to tee his ball off of a water balloon. Turns out, picking the ball clean off the balloon is tough to do. The positive side effect? A quick, cooling burst of water.

Maybe instead of using an impact bag on the driving range, you can use a slew of water balloons. Even if the impact isn't good, you'll still get good feedback.