Sand meant for golf course instead delivered to flattened car

Sand meant for golf course instead delivered to new car

Sand has a way of finding itself in some very inconvenient places, including, in this story, atop a newly purchased -- and now flattened -- car.

A truck carrying 45 tons (90,000 lbs) of sand was struggling to get up a hill en route to Bountiful Ridge G.C. in Bountiful, Utah. The driver tried to downshift to help the truck get up the incline, but the gear would not shift and the truck began moving backward, according to the Associated Press. The brakes didn't work when the driver applied them, leaving him helpless as the truck rolled backward about half of a city block and through a retaining wall before flattening a car and stopping when it partially crashed into a house.

Turns out the flattened car had been sold the day before and was sitting on the property waiting for the new owner to take it. Now that sale is obviously void.

Meanwhile, Bountiful Ridge's 51 bunkers didn't get that new sand.