Anchoring ban, Sergio's 'fried chicken' blunder in Taiwanese animation

Anchoring ban, Sergio’s ‘fried chicken’ blunder covered in Taiwanese animation

What would controversy in golf be without our friends at Taiwan-based NMA TV to animate it for us?

They've weighed in on both the anchoring ban announced this week, as well as Sergio Garcia's "fried chicken" remarks, in their latest video.

Some highlights:

  • An absolutely great scene with the R&A and USGA in a single room, both storming mad as they type -- yes, type -- the anchoring ban...which turns out to have a picture of an anchor on it with a line through it. Maybe this is a futuristic emoji-equipped typewriter?
  • Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods are seen together watching, presumably, long and belly putter users jousting with their flatsticks, as Garcia tries to hand Woods some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Woods gets angry, then dumps the bucket over Garcia's head.
  • Tim Finchem is seen in a bunker holding his hands over his ears, I guess showing indecision.
  • The governing bodies walk up to Adam Scott, donning his green jacket, and break his broomstick putter over their knee. Scott then drops to his knees and cries.
  • And, the best part, is when Carl Spackler of "Caddyshack" fame takes TNT to a pile of long and belly putters. No Kenny Loggins song afterward, though.

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