Don't throw away your belly or long putter just yet, and here's why

Don’t throw away your belly or long putter just yet, and here’s why

The anchored stroke may be going the way of New Coke, but that doesn't mean the belly or long putter that you have in your bag or garage needs to land on eBay anytime soon. A new grip will be hitting the market sometime this summer that could help recreate some of the pivot motion that helped so many players using the anchored stroke.

The Secret Grip, designed by Boccieri Golf, debuted earlier this year and is endorsed by Jack Nicklaus. The grips weigh 92 grams and promote a counter-weighting effect while swinging the golf club. 

The putting version of the Secret Grip will come in at 155 grams, approximately three times the weight of most putter grips. The an average belly or long putter head weighs in the 380-gram range.

The effect created by a significantly heavier grip would make a belly or long putter more useful in 2016 and beyond, allowing larger muscles to become the focus of the putting stroke and taking the hands out of the equation -- precisely what the anchored stroke aims to achieve.