Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 87: 5 continents, 50 states not enough for Robert Kaufman’s Emergency 9 golf-travel resumé
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Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 87: 5 continents, 50 states not enough for Robert Kaufman’s Emergency 9 golf-travel resumé

Ireland’s Royal County Down tops Robert’s list of Best Places He’s Ever Played ( Photo by Robert Kaufman /

Following his earlier appearance (Episode 86) on the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast in which he discussed his upcoming “Hell 2 Heaven Golf Challenge,” award-winning golf photojournalist and travel-tourism expert Robert Kaufman joins hosts Mitch and Darin for a whirlwind Emergency 9 episode that truly spans the globe — after all, Robert has explored all 50 states and has set foot on five continents.

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You’ll hear why (no surprise) he loves Ireland’s Royal County Down and the Monterey Peninsula’s Cypress Point above all others, and why he someday hopes to cross both South America and Australia off his bucket list (despite having visited New Zealand, he’s yet to make it to the “down under” mainland or golf-rich accompanying islands of Tasmania and King Island.

Robert’s description of the Best Place He’s Ever Stayed — the Huka Lodge on the North Island of New Zealand, overlooking the Waikato River — will get you in the mood to make the long journey and experience it for yourself. Meanwhile, his Favorite Thing Ever Eaten on a Trip brings Robert right back to the the Monterey Peninsula for the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival and its collection of “sea delectables” next to the No. 3 green of the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links.

As anyone who's traveled as much as Robert knows, his answer to the Most Important Thing on a Golf Trip makes total sense — he’s all about exploring the surrounding area outside the resort to experience new adventures in whatever location he visits.

Robert gives some expert golf travel advice with his answer on the One Piece of Golf Apparel or Equipment He Can’t Live Without,’ citing compression arm sleeves and socks as his favorite travel additions, along with his GolfBuddy rangefinder that is an indispensable companion on any trip.

Robert plays to an “unofficial” 16 handicap while enjoying any set of tees that will allow him to enjoy the day and round of golf with his playing partners. And speaking of enjoyable days, Robert explains why his Most Interesting Person He’s Ever Golfed With” actually turns out to be three people. Teeing it up with two young men from New Zealand who were in the midst of playing 365 rounds of golf around the world in a year gave him a new bar for traveling golf, while the general manager at the beautiful Mauna Kea Resort on the big island of Hawaii showed him the meaning of caring for a course, pulling weeds while walking and playing.

Robert’s penultimate answer is a great one, acknowledging the little-known but highly-regarded Alister MacKenzie-designed Northwood Golf Club in Monte Rio, California, as the Best Course He Wishes Everyone Knew About. And his bonus answer to the Coolest/Weirdest/Craziest Thing He’s Ever Done on a Golf Course is a bucket-list experience for almost everyone who’s seen a picture or video of the mountain-top 3-par at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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