Talking GolfGetaways Ep. 81: The Stewart Cabin is another reason to make Tobacco Road your next stay-play buddy-trip
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Talking GolfGetaways Ep. 81: The Stewart Cabin is another reason to make Tobacco Road your next stay-play buddy-trip

The Stewart Cabin sits on the picturesque 14th green at Tobacco Road (Photo by Darin Bunch /

If you’re a regular listener of the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast, you already know that co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch have a serious “golf crush” on Tobacco Road, the Mike Strantz-designed rollercoaster ride in the North Carolina Sandhills. We simply can’t give the course (and the management) enough love — it rates as one of the most fun and truly unforgettable golf courses we’ve encountered anywhere in the world.

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And now golfers can go even deeper into the Tobacco Road experience with the “brand-new” Stewart Cabin, the historic building that sits on the stunning par-3 14th recently renovated to accommodate buddy-trip foursomes looking to stay and play.

Joined on this somewhat “live” episode taped in the dining room of the Stewart Cabin, Mitch and Darin are joined by Hall of Fame billiards legend Ewa (Mataya) Laurance (who happens to be Mitch’s wife) and our GolfGetaways travel buddy Joe Sas (who happens to “act” like Darin’s wife).

In this episode, not only do the foursome discuss all the great features installed into the Stewart Cabin during the recent renovation (full kitchen, dining/card room, big-screen TVs, rocking chairs on the deck to watch players take their shot at a hole-in-one, nighttime lighting on the 14th green to putt as late as you desire) but also talk about the Tobacco Road golf course itself from a first-timers’ perspective.

It’s a fun episode of camaraderie and a bit of hijinks with four friends who love Tobacco Road, the game of golf — and, now, the Stewart Cabin, which has quickly climbed the charts into our Top 10 Favorite Places to Stay.

Enjoy the connection. And for more information about booking the Stewart Cabin at Tobacco Road, visit

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