Talking GolfGetaways 77: “Breaking Eighty” with Sean Ogle on his quest to golf the Top 100 courses and beyond

Talking GolfGetaways 77: “Breaking Eighty” with Sean Ogle on his quest to golf the Top 100 courses and beyond

Sean Ogle has seen the world playing golf, including Diamante in Mexico (Credit: Sean Ogle)

Breaking Eighty. It’s a goal for all golfers. And that’s how one of our most interesting guests, Pacific Northwest-based entrepreneur Sean Ogle, found himself diving into the world of golf bloggery — and how his quest to shoot in the 70s has expanded into a desire to play the world’s best golf courses (the Top 100, depending on whose list you take as gospel) which in turn gave birth to the Eighty Club through which travelers can connect with other likeminded golfers to play private clubs around the globe.

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Sean details his own journey from the business world as a financial analyst to creating a business that allows him to work anywhere in the world while helping others to create their own dream lifestyle. Sean explains how his first blog, Location 180, documented his own bucket-list accomplishments, including moving to Thailand for a year — and then how he grew his business by creating Location Rebel, his consulting “course” that shows people how to follow his lead.

After a year and a half of Location Rebel growing successfully, he was able to take the marketing skills he learned and turn his four months a year on the road toward creating a new brand around his true passion — golf. Breaking Eighty was born in Portland in 2012 as Sean created the golf blog he himself wanted to read, describing his own travels, plus product and course reviews, for the average amateur golfer (he was a 16 handicap at the time) always through the context of his philosophy — golf as pure fun.

Then, in a fun, quick-hitting and descriptive back-and-forth about their memorable rounds and the courses where the miracles happened, Sean and co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch then go into their own stories about breaking the magical 80 mark. Sean then concludes the podcast by describing his quest to play the Top 100, which courses he considers worthy of playing on his journey from all the Top 100 lists and explains what’s next for both (one of the purest and most engaging informational sites anywhere) and the Eighty Club.

It’s a fascinating discussion with one of our favorite guests — a man who has created a fulfilling life for himself and others, all wrapped around our common passion for golf and fun.

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