Talking GolfGetaways 75: Adam Rolston’s “Longest Hole” is the craziest golf trip you can possibly imagine

Talking GolfGetaways 75: Adam Rolston’s “Longest Hole” is the craziest golf trip you can possibly imagine

Adam Rolston and his friend and “caddie” Ron Rutland are on a 1,100-mile golf journey across Mongolia.

Just try to imagine an 80-day golf trip. More than 1,800 kilometers (that’s more than 1,100 miles). Some 14,000 golf shots when all is said and done. Possibly as many as 400 TaylorMade golf balls lost to the wilderness.

The perfect foursome. A scratch golfer. His caddie. A documentarian. And a wild dog (who guards their “golf cart” and likes to hunt the occasional marmot for dinner).

And a “golf course” without limitations, each swing forging new fairways across the Southeast Asian landscape from the highest and most western point in Mongolia to their eventual final destination — the cup on the 18th green of Mt. Bogd Golf Club in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

This is “The Longest Hole” — the curious, and simply awesome, world-record adventure of rugby player Adam Rolston and his friend (and “caddie”) Ron Rutland.

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In this supersized edition of the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast to commemorate our 75th episode, Rolston joins hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch during a brief stopover in Bayankhongor on Day 47 of his adventure (just beyond the halfway point on the calendar) to explain how he and Rutland came up with the idea to trek across some of the most diverse and challenging terrain on the planet while taking on what is surely the most unusual golf-related journey ever attempted.

And along the way, he shares some harrowing — and hilarious — stories (the “Marmot Cooking Show” is an all-time classic) while also discussing the clubs he plays, how he employs strict Rules of Golf (no foot wedges across streams, no drops to avoid tough conditions), the technology involved in an endeavor of this magnitude (his progress is updated regularly at, and how his opening tee shot from a glacier on Khulten Peak didn’t go exactly as planned (and resulted in his first lost ball and subsequent penalty stroke).

And then there’s the incredible story of how “UB” the Mongolian dog became part of “The Longest Hole” team and is now an integral component of this day-to-day tale — the ultimate golf-course dog and protective companion.
As Adam starts swinging into the second half of this amazing adventure, he talks about what awaits the team once they arrive at Mt. Bogd (an “almighty booze-up” is predicted) and what he expects it will be like as friends gather to welcome them in the remotest of golf destinations.

We hope you enjoy the connection to Adam Rolston and “The Longest Hole” — we’ll be following along at and hope you will as well.

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