Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 62: Kick off Buddy Trip Season with a few fun two-man-team golf formats

Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 62: Kick off Buddy Trip Season with a few fun two-man-team golf formats

Mike Strantz’ 18th hole tee shot at Tobacco Road decides many matches (Photo by Brian Oar /

Buddy Trip Season is upon us, and in this episode of the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast, hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch dive into some creative formats that’ll make your upcoming friendly competitions even more fun, interesting and engaging.

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Darin discusses the planning behind his now-infamous Bumage-Smoyes Cup trip to the Pinehurst region of North Carolina, where he and three buddies will wage their own brand of golfing war with more than a few twists. It’s a two-man-team, Ryder Cup-ish format — and after the “Massacre at Bandon Dunes” a few years ago, the group has reorganized the best-of-seven-rounds competition, adding new elements to the four days of matches.

You’ll find out how it’s possible to have golf matches that figure in one player using modern clubs and the other three using 100-year-old hickories (the winning team on each hole gets to pick the next tee box). And you’ll hear about fun formats like Best Ball Hi-Low (with each hole worth two points), the “Omaha 9/9 Scramble” (each player has to use exactly nine tee shots during the round), Scotch Foursomes (Scramble off the tee, followed by Alternate Shot) and the really fun “Chapman” format, a mix of Alternate Shot followed by Scramble that’s a bit confusing at first, but highly entertaining once mastered.

With seven rounds about to be played over the awesome Pinehurst tracks of Tobacco Road (72 holes), Pinehurst No. 2 and No. 8, plus Southern Pines, the Bumage-Smoyes Cup formats will undoubtedly produce high drama, tons of laughs and most importantly, deep memory-filled camaraderie among the four traveling warriors. And much of it will be memorialized on Instagram stories for those of you who want to follow along and root for you favorites @GolfGetaways.

It’s sure to be fun, especially on a creative Mike Strantz-designed course such as Tobacco Road. And we hope you’ll not only enjoy the discussion and ensuing competition but also might gain a new perspective on your golf game — and buddy trips.

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