Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 55: The ultimate Bandon Dunes Golf Resort recap roundtable

Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 55: The ultimate Bandon Dunes Golf Resort recap roundtable

The 14th on the Bandon Trails course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon (Photo by Brian Oar /

It’s all about the buddies. We say that pretty much every week on “Talking GolfGetaways” — it’s easily the No. 1 answer from podcast guests when answering our “What’s Most Important to You on a Golf Trip” #Emergency9 golf-travel question. And now that we’ve spent a week’s worth of episodes interviewing guests about their favorite buddy-trip destination — Bandon Dunes Golf Resort — it’s our turn to recap our personal weather-challenged Oregon coast trip full of fun golf, mouthwatering food and the occasional wackiness that creates long-lasting memories among friends.

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So we got together “live” (sort of) in our Spruce Loft for an after-dinner, Scotch-infused discussion among our traveling foursome for this adventure — Jason Deegan of, golf photographer extraordinaire (drink!) Brian Oar and “Talking GolfGetaways” co-hosts Darin Bunch and Mitch Laurance — and we turned on the recorder for 30 minutes of true camaraderie.

Through the wind and the rain and the hail, not only did we battle the elements and the golf courses, plus ourselves and each other, we also did some damage to more than a few menus — from Grandma’s Meatloaf and the Braised Lamb Stew at McKee’s Pub to Seafood Chowder for lunch and a dinner dish like no other crafted by Chef Rory at Pacific Grill. Meanwhile, we also use this episode to recap a few of our favorite moments out on the golf courses, including Brian Oar’s now-legendary two-putt from one inch on a fun-yet-blustery day at Pacific Dunes.

It’s a discussion that encapsulates everything we love about links golf on the Oregon coast — and how Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and KemperSports have, piece by piece, built arguably the best pure golf destination in America if not the entire world. Enjoy the conversation. We hope you laugh and learn as much as we did. And, more importantly, we hope you want to start planning your next trip as much as we do.

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