Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 54: ‘Getting Lost’ at Bandon Dunes with Fox Sports’ Shane Bacon

Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 54: ‘Getting Lost’ at Bandon Dunes with Fox Sports’ Shane Bacon

Bandon Week on “Talking GolfGetaways with Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch” returns with one of our favorite multi-visit guests — FOX Sports’ golf superstar Shane Bacon (also host of the popular “The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon” podcast). And it doesn’t take long to know how Shane feels about Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the picturesque Oregon coast — instead of choosing, shall we say, one of the “interesting” and “traditional” venues for his bachelor party, he instead elected to take his buddies on the ultimate golf trip … to Bandon Dunes. And as guys who love Bandon ourselves, we applaud that decision.

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From the group’s first day at Bally Bandon Sheep Ranch — an easy opportunity to get loose by taking over the course for the day with a 12-some (“many of us felt that was the most fun day”) — to a night-time putting extravaganza on the Punchbowl at Pacific Dunes and, of course, golf on every one of Bandon’s five courses, Shane describes how the fun and camaraderie of this trip made Bandon Dunes the perfect spot for any buddies trip, whether it be a bachelor party or celebration of any kind.

Bacon then talks about the most telling aspect of golf at Bandon — that everyone who plays all the courses may have a different favorite track while nevertheless enjoying each and every one. He describes the group’s love of the 13-hole Bandon Preserve (“one of the three best Par-3 courses on the planet”), and tells us why he thinks it’s the perfect opening course at Bandon to give you a feel of what to expect on the other 18-hole links courses.

Shane shares what he thinks was the most memorable off-course happening on their trip, as he first describes the fun and then the nervous anxiety of taking his friends to the middle-of-the-woods Labyrinth at Bandon (one of the coolest things you can do while there) after getting lost in the dark on their way back to their lodgings. You’ll hear his honest thoughts on the possibility of spending a night in the woods — and how they finally found their way out.

It’s another fun episode of “Talking GolfGetaways” that highlights the many reasons why Bandon Dunes Golf Resort rides atop so many golfers’ lists of “Best Golf Resorts in America” — and why Shane Bacon, as he often does, shows again that he’s one of the most articulate and entertaining personalities in the game of golf.

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