Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 53: Seamus Golf’s Akbar Chisti gives us his ‘inside story’ on Bandon Dunes
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Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 53: Seamus Golf’s Akbar Chisti gives us his ‘inside story’ on Bandon Dunes

A Seamus Golf bag and accessories feel truly at home on the linksland of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Photo courtesy of Seamus Golf)

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort takes center stage for a third Bandon Week episode on the “Talking GolfGetaways” podcast with Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch as the hosts welcome Seamus Golf founder Akbar Chisti. Yes, it’s another love-fest about Bandon Dunes, which many golf travelers believe is the best pure golf destination in America. Few people have the deep connection to Bandon, on many levels, that Akbar does, and in this fun and insightful podcast, you’ll feel his passion for the now-iconic resort on the Oregon coast.

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  • Akbar details his long history at Bandon by talking about caddying there in his younger years, working in the shop and playing late-afternoon golf during summers while in college — at a place that inspired the “Made in America, Inspired by Scotland Products” philosophy of Seamus Golf. He talks about launching the Seamus brand at Bandon, and why it is the perfect partnership.
  • Akbar then shares his emotions and thoughts on playing Bandon now, and how the work he does with Seamus is intermixed with playing links golf on the Oregon coast — plus how it’s always inspiring for him to think about Seamus products in new ways.
  • As one who knows the Bandon courses so well, you’ll enjoy hearing Chisti’s take on how he ranks the every-one-is-different layouts. For him, Old Mac is best suited for match play. He says he could play the 13-hole Preserve every day, for the rest of his life because of the fun it affords him and his friends. Hear how he played the original Bandon Dunes course for the local rate of $35, and why when Pacific Dunes opened he chose to move to Bandon after walking the oceanfront No. 4 hole. Plus, he described the “meat and potatoes” of the resort are Bandon Dunes (“the original”) and Bandon Trails (“like Oregon golf on steroids”).
  • There are so many other aspects to enjoy while at Bandon, and Akbar is tuned in to them — big-time. Find out what breakfast choice at Pacific Dunes “would make any golfer happy”; why the local-roasted coffee will get you going; and why at every turnstand the most important thing you can try is locally-brewed Bellhaven beer. Which lunches and dinners rank highest? Bandon Trails’ burger trio will knock you out — and make sure you include Grandma’s Meatloaf at McKee’s Pub (if you want to sleep right after) at least once on every trip. He also suggests not smoking cigars on the course because of the wind (but make sure you take a big flask), but that you should treat the Bunker Bar as the “Facebook of Bandon” because it’s the resort’s ultimate social-networking spot.
  • Akbar closes with a story about the famous Seamus anvil, which resides in the main Golf Shop — including details of how the huge anvil made its way into the shop and why it’s so memorable (and sooooo cool) to have the staff make you a ballmark or bag tag by hammering away on the 70-year-old antique. It’s a nod to history and connection with Seamus Golf that will give you a lifetime memory.

We can’t thank Akbar Chisti enough for the lively, fun and informative conversation about Bandon Dunes Golf Resort from a truly unique, talented and engaging force in the game of golf. Enjoy the connection, and keep dreaming about that next great buddy trip.

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