Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 52: Ryan Heiman’s ‘Independent’ confirmation of Bandon Dunes’ golf greatness

Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 52: Ryan Heiman’s ‘Independent’ confirmation of Bandon Dunes’ golf greatness

The No. 1 and No. 18 holes (and more) on Bandon Trails at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Photo by Ryan Heiman /

As Bandon Week on “Talking GolfGetaways” rolls on, hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch welcome’s Ryan Heiman, a man who brings his passion for the game as well as his reviewer’s insights to a discussion of why he considers Bandon Dunes “The Best Golf Resort in America.”

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  • Ryan begins this episode explaining how he came to create the popular iGolfReviews, which brings an unbiased eye to reviews of all things golf-related. He’ll tell you about the journey from chatting about golf online to reviewing places and products that interested him personally — and finally to first creating (and now expanding) iGolfReviews in 2010, creating content about everything from clubs to destinations to clothing and more.
  • Heiman talks about his goal of bringing impartial reviews, through the eyes of a “regular golfer” to the golfing public — and how that path began as a young golfer tinkering with his own set of Wilson blades and persimmon woods.
  • The discussion then turns to a recent trip that Ryan, Darin and two “Bandon Newbies” took to the Oregon coast — and why Ryan, who’d been to Bandon years earlier, was blown away by the newer aspects of the resort such as the Preserve and the Punchbowl. He shares what it’s like to bring new people to Bandon, which starts long before the actual trip, and the back-and-forth banter, anticipation and excitement of beginning the trip to the long-awaited destination.
  • Heiman next details his ranking of the courses at Bandon (Old Mac as “the most creative, just HUGE”), Pacific Dunes, the original Bandon Dunes and finally Bandon Trails (“Still an awesome course, just doesn’t have the ocean views”). The talk moves to how amazing it is that every golfer will have his or her own ranking. One especially interesting insight: Ryan can’t figure out where Bandon Preserve fits into his personal ranking but says an argument could be made for making it No. 1 —“That’s just how much fun it is.”
  • Finally, Ryan goes into what “other things” he thinks everyone should do on a Bandon trip in addition to playing the main courses — everything from playing 50 holes in a single day to checking out a “special secret spot” near the 10th tee on the original Bandon Dunes course.

We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation with Ryan Heiman — one of the most knowledgeable and fun people you’ll meet, and another great guest (and friend) who loves talking about Bandon Dunes Golf Resort almost as much as he loves playing links golf on the Oregon Coast and experiencing everything the resort has to offer.

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