Talking GolfGetaways, Ep. 16: 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip (Part 1)
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Talking GolfGetaways’ Top 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip

The life of royalty at Kincardine Castle in Scotland ranks high on the Favorite 18 list of both Darin Bunch and Mitch Laurance (Photo by Darin Bunch / Golf News Net)

In Part 1 of the “Talking GolfGetaways” five-episode series detailing the Top 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip from co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch, we discuss the four accommodations that made both lists. Looking for a place to call home for your next Scotland journey — how about staying in a castle near Cruden Bay?

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Find out the hidden secrets of an historic West Virginia hotel that once upon a time was part of the Washington D.C. emergency evacuation plan. And hear why Mitch and Darin believe two modern golf-travel masterpieces — located more than 2,000 miles apart — deserve such a high rating, not only for the golf they offer but also the thoughtful resort design and amenities provided in wildly different environments, one oceanfront on an island in the north and the other in the middle of one of America’s southernmost states.

In Part 2 of the “Talking GolfGetaways” Top 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip, co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch count down numbers 18 through 14. Not only will you hear why Mitch loves a certain Paris hotel but also the star-studded trip he took to France during his acting heyday. Other favorite accommodations making the list include a family-friendly beauty in Florida, an unforgettable “shower wonderland” Darin loves in Wisconsin, Mitch’s favorite casino-hotel in America and a true Southern California historic getaway. And we head to the beach, too, with favorite hotspots on South Carolina’s Grand Strand, plus the along the coast of Los Cabos and on the island of Kauai. And speaking of islands, a stunning lakeside hotel with a famed island green also makes the list.

In Part 3 of our Top 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip, co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch dive into the middle of their lists — numbers 13 through 9 — with mentions of some of the greatest golf destinations in America, plus Scotland and Florida gems both forged by history. The best of California, Nebraska, North Carolina and the Oregon coast all come into play for favorite stays that not only feature incredible golf but also the unique characteristics that make great golf getaways truly unforgettable.

In Part 4 of our 5-episode series, co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch unveil numbers 8 through 5 of their Top 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip — and the hits keep on coming. Darin raves about a variety of resorts out West, including an historic midcentury modern masterpiece in Scottsdale, a Gold Country treasure with ties to the great Frank Lloyd Wright and a Santa Barbara getaway that caters to the rich and famous. Meanwhile, Mitch recounts the majesty of the Canadian Rockies and a golf course carved from the terrain by the legendary Stanley Thompson.

In the final episode (Part 5) of our “Talking GolfGetaways” Top 18 Favorite Places to Stay on a Golf Trip, co-hosts Mitch Laurance and Darin Bunch return to discuss some of the greatest golf landscapes on the planet — Monterey and the Oregon coast (which has three entries in our Top 18 lists). Scotland also hits the Final Four (twice!) with lodging and exploration experiences essentially next door to two of the most famous golf courses in the world. And Darin goes global in different directions with his Top 2 favorites — one in the wilds of Africa, the other on a South Pacific island few even know exists.

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