Talking GolfGetaways, Episode 2: What do you truly love about golf travel?

Talking GolfGetaways, Episode 2: What do you truly love about golf travel?

Mike Strantz’ creative design is on full display at Tobacco Road’s par-3 14th (Photo by Brian Oar /

“I am a shower whore.” That’s the declaraction co-host Darin Bunch makes, somewhat emphatically, in this episode of “Talking GolfGetaways with Mitch & Darin (sponsored by” as he plunges into what he loves (and doesn’t like) about the world of golf travel through our Emergency9 quiz.

“I love showers, what can I say?” Bunch says while launching into a treatise on why great showers are important to all golf travelers regardless of whether you’re visiting a hot or cold destination. “If you run a hotel or resort in the year 2016, you better have your shower game in gear.”

It’s all part of Bunch’s answer to this question: “Besides the actual golf, what’s the most important thing to you on a golf trip?”

His Emergency9 answers also include many golf-travel favorites from nearly two decades on the road visiting some of the world’s greatest courses and resorts, including the Mike Strantz mastery of North Carolina’s Tobacco Road; French Polynesia’s exquisite Moorea Pearl Resort with its overwater bungalows, and the gluttonous Cracked Crab in Pismo Beach, Calif., where they’ll dump a whole king crab straight onto your table for your crab-cracking pleasure.

“Now that Mitch and I have our Emergency9 answers out there, we can’t wait to have all of our ‘Talking GolfGetaways’ guests take the quiz,” Bunch says. “It’s just a fun way to get to the heart of what’s truly important to those of us who make golf travel a way of life and love to explore new courses, resorts and destinations as often as possible.”

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For the full list of Emergency9 questions, see our Episode 1 post — and use #Emergency9 on Twitter or Instagram to submit your own answers for a chance to have Mitch & Darin discuss your Emergency9 list on a future episode.

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