The Golf Course Draft: International Edition
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The Golf Course Draft: International Edition

Wielding hickories and clad in plus-fours, Darin Bunch and Mitch Laurance tackle Kingsbarns outside St. Andrews, Scotland.

A few weeks ago, I offered a challenge: With a $1,000 budget and a sheet of prices, which great American public golf courses would you choose to play?

The reaction was fantastic, with a great conversation on Twitter and other platforms about where you would play and why.

So many of you reached out to me asking for an international edition of the Golf Course Draft. You asked; I'm answering. But things are going to be a bit different with this challenge.

Many of these international courses are private. I really don’t care. I don’t want to limit my dreams so don’t limit yours.

I was asked how I determined the cost of each course. Basically, I used a combination of “Bests” from, Golfweek, Score Golf and Top 100 Courses, then added my personal experience/opinion to shuffle them around. Safe to say, if I thought a course was vastly overrated it got moved down. If I thought that it was criminally underappreciated, I moved it up. If I’d never heard of it before, it probably didn’t make the list.

Now, let’s just have some fun.

The challenge

For the American Golf Course Draft you had $1,000 to spend. For the International Golf Course Draft (#GolfCourseDraft) you have $2,000.


  1. You can only play each course once.
  2. You can’t spend more than the $2,000.
  3. You can add an international course that is NOT on the list for $50.

How many rounds can you fit in? What courses will you play?

The menu

Eric Hart's (@theMobileGolfer) sample picks

  • St Andrews - Old ($100)
  • Tara Iti ($100)
  • Hog’s Head ($100)
  • Cabot Cliffs ($100)
  • Kingston Heath ($100)
  • Cape Kidnappers ($100)
  • Kauri Cliffs ($100)
  • Trump Turnberry - Ailsa ($90)
  • Tralee ($90)
  • Cape Wickham Links ($90)
  • North Berwick ($90)
  • Fairmont Banff Springs ($90)
  • Quivira ($90)
  • Devil’s Paintbrush ($90)
  • Old Head of Kinsale ($90)
  • Jack’s Point ($90)
  • The Island Club ($80)
  • St Andrews - Castle ($80)
  • Machrihanish - Dunes ($70)
  • Greywolf ($60)
  • Tobiano ($60)
  • Pinnacle Point ($50)
  • Loftonen Links ($30)
  • St Andrews - Dukes ($30)
  • Legend Golf Club with the Extreme 19 ($30)

Total Spent: $2,000

Your turn

Share this contest with your friends and enemies, then share a picture of your results on Twitter (too many characters otherwise) and tag #GolfCourseDraft.

About the author

Eric N. Hart

Eric N. Hart

Eric Hart (aka MobileGolfer) is an award-winning travel and leisure writer for Golf News Net and the owner of Stays + Plays Travel Agency in the Midwest. Eric has stayed at 250-plus resorts and hotels around the world and played 500-plus golf courses. He has worked with 16 tourism agencies and written more than 1,100 articles for 14 regional, national and international golf, family and travel publications since he began in 2007. With a passion for promoting both golf and family travel, Eric routinely hits the road with his son and/or the full family (wife and four kids).

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