The Golf Course Draft: If we gave you a budget, which top golf courses would you pick to play?
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The Golf Course Draft: If we gave you a budget, which top golf courses would you pick to play?

Those of us stuck in snow and ice all winter have little to do but dream of golf.

We can play fantasy golf with PGA players and hope they win us some cash, but that does little to ease our pain of not actually playing golf. So, if you’re like me, you constantly find yourself planning and dreaming up potential golf trips. You fantasize about PLAYING Golf, and as Stuart Smalley would say, “That’s okay.”

It’s an illness but…here’s the cure: The MobileGolfer Fantasy Golf Course Draft (US Edition).

The challenge

Using a combination of’s “Top 100 Courses You Can Play,” Golfweek’s new “Top 200 Resort Courses” and MobileGolfer’s “American (Public) Golf 101” as the price guide, you have $1,000 to spend on your lineup of fantasy golf plays. How many rounds can you buy? And what courses would you play?

The menu

You can use this Google Sheet to make your calculations more easily!


  1. If I left a public course off that you love, I’m sorry. I left some off that I love too.
  2. These courses are not listed in any specific order, so calm down. Some lower cost courses are better than higher priced courses. I know this. You know this. There is NO PERFECT FORMULA. I just averaged out a few ranking lists to get the general numbers and refused to include some courses that I hate.
  3. You can add a public course that is not on the list for $20. Remember, it makes no difference whether you’ve played the courses or not.
  4. You can NOT play a course more than once.It’s your fantasy lineup.

Eric Hart's (@theMobileGolfer) sample picks

  1. Pebble Beach ($100)
  2. Kiawah Island – Ocean ($100)
  3. Shadow Creek ($100)
  4. Pasatiempo ($90)
  5. Gamble Sands ($90)
  6. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club ($80)
  7. Streamsong – Black ($70)
  8. Primland Resort – Highland ($70)
  9. PGA West – Stadium ($70)
  10. Marquette – Greywalls ($60)
  11. Sweetens Cove ($50)
  12. Ram’s Hill ($50)
  13. Black Jack’s Crossing ($40)
  14. Gold Canyon – Dinosaur Mountain ($30)

Total Spent: $1000

Your turn

Share this contest with your friends and enemies, then share a picture of your results on Twitter (too many characters otherwise) and tag #GolfCourseDraft.

Take the #BucketListChallenge or create your own. I literally don’t care who steals the idea. If it’s popular enough I’ll create an International Version too. It’s just meant to be fun and to take my mind off that white crap outside. Enjoy!

About the author

Eric N. Hart

Eric N. Hart

Eric Hart (aka MobileGolfer) is an award-winning travel and leisure writer for Golf News Net and the owner of Stays + Plays Travel Agency in the Midwest. Eric has stayed at 250-plus resorts and hotels around the world and played 500-plus golf courses. He has worked with 16 tourism agencies and written more than 1,100 articles for 14 regional, national and international golf, family and travel publications since he began in 2007. With a passion for promoting both golf and family travel, Eric routinely hits the road with his son and/or the full family (wife and four kids).

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