I hate: Golf and etc.
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I hate: Golf and etc.

GNN's Ryan Ballengee (@RyanBallengee on Twitter) opened up a Pandora’s Box with a simple challenge: “Name something that gets you irrationally annoyed.”

For Ryan it was “People who back into a parking spot.” His very honest and at least semi-legitimate gripe brought on an extensive backlash from all the back-parkers out there (many who made valid points that Ryan acknowledged and appreciated) but it was all the creative pet-peeved out there that made me laugh over and over. Here are a 20 of the best responses to Ryan’s challenge.

The only thing golf about this article is the occasional mention of the word “golf.” Nonetheless, I’m certain you all will find it rather entertaining. Please share this will all your friends, and all the people who do the things on this list that annoy you! (Then send us your pet peeves!)

Name Something That Gets You Irrationally Annoyed

  1. “People who don’t pull into the intersection when turning left.” - @sendacott
  2. “People who wait in a long line to order, then aren’t ready to order when it’s their turn.” - @griff_golf
  3. “People who get in an elevator to go one floor.” - @benmon232
  4. “People who don’t acknowledge you with a wave when you let them in on roads or in parking garages.” - @SamDosty_5
  5. “Everything annoys me. Everything.” - @thespinzone
  6. “Steph Curry chewing on his mouth guard.” - @CoreyRHolloway
  7. “Every sentence that’s missing an Oxford comma.” - @EthanZimman (Ha ha and ha.)
  8. “Guys who reverse sandbag. Guys who say they’re a 2 and can’t break 85.” - @municlubguy (I know a big bald guy in Texas like that.)
  9. “When people press an elevator button that’s already lit up. Like, why?” – @JakeJelsone
  10. “Receiving 99 cents in change.” - @SergeantHartman
  11. “Infinity War, Ian Poulter, anything with coconut, and American Idol. Oh, and hockey. Thanks for the release.” - @crockett418
  12. “When someone says “I could care less.” The saying is “I could NOT care less.” - @jbrittonlee
  13. “When I see a greenskeeper mowing an area of the course where nobody should ever hit a ball.” - @Golfer_Jake_78
  14. “The road sign by a park depicting children playing on a teeter totter when the park DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A TEETER TOTTER!” - @TheGolfChick (Seriously ROFL!)
  15. “People walking down the middle of the lane in a parking lot. It’s a PARKING LOT not a WALKING lot.” - @Curt_Cornell
  16. “People who play their music out loud at the gym.” - @KJMoose (Amen!)
  17. “Crooked tee markers. I mean, even if they’re off by a little bit. Gets me fired up.” - @G3Stover (Umm…okay.)
  18. “People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot within a few yards of the return racks.” – SundevilSteve96 (Yeah…those LAMFs!)
  19. “Lebron James and Max Kellerman.” - @theMobileGolfer (I second that!)
  20. “The way it’s nearly impossible to get an umbrella into your car without getting soaked.” – Richkay71

And here are 5 more of my own:

  • “A group of four or more teenagers sitting together in a movie theater.”
  • “Trying to open a bag of Rice Krispies without tearing the bag top to bottom.”
  • “Two semi-trucks driving side-by-side on both lanes of the interstate.”
  • “Spirit Airlines.”

And…I’ll end with a golf related one….

  • “Any time a course allows multiple singles to play behind foursomes. I don’t mind letting one guy go through, but two? Nope. That’s it. I’m ready to throw down at that point.”

I’d like to keep this list “alive.” If you read this article and have pet peeves of your own, please share it on Twitter, tag @GolfNewsNet then add your comment.

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