Remember when a round of golf took 4 hours?
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Remember when a round of golf took 4 hours?

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Pros on tour can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single putt. So, it makes sense that they may spend a little extra time reading a putt or toss a few extra blades of grass in the air to confirm wind direction.

Touring pros also average closer to five hours per round -- especially for weekday rounds. Our living doesn’t depend on the outcome of our rounds of golf, so let’s stop playing as slow as the guys on tour.

I've played far too many 5-plus hour rounds of golf lately. Waiting 10 minutes before every shot makes golf not fun. And if we’re going to get political, I lean hard pro-fun.

One of the reasons we decided to develop our new instruction platform, Hozl, was we thought it might give us an avenue to improve pace of play. So, every week we’re going to highlight something that is holding everyone up on the course.

For our first installment of Stop Doing That Please, we are asking those of you who sit in the cart while your cart partner hits their approach shot and then drive together over to your ball and do it all over again for your shot ... please, stop doing that.

You just wasted 3 minutes on that hole. It may not sound like a lot. However, if you waste 3 minutes per hole for 18 holes, that’s an extra hour.

Please be conscious of how far you are from the group ahead of you. If you’re lagging behind and you notice it, get your foursome moving. If the group ahead of you is playing slow and you see them doing what is described above, you are well within your right to drive up and ask them to pick up the pace and go to their balls individually like everyone else on the course.

We can speed up golf together!

If there’s a drag on pace of play that you think we should highlight, let us know on Instagram/Twitter @hozlfounder!

Brad Powers is a contributor at Golf News Net and an the founder of Hozl, a golf instruction company based in Austin, Texas, that offers a personal swing coach at an affordable price. 

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