Deutsche Bank Championship: Tiger shoots 64 - is anyone excited?
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Deutsche Bank Championship: Tiger shoots 64 – is anyone excited?

I'm not going to get too excited about Tiger Woods' 64 in the opening round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, and you shouldn't either.

Woods got around TPC Boston on Friday about as well as he could have hoped. He hit 16 of 18 greens, eight of 14 fairways, took just 28 putts and made six consecutive birdies bridging his nines thanks to a hot putter.

It is certainly an improvement for Woods over the past couple of months. Woods has admitted his putting has been "streaky."

A colleague of mine joked earlier today while watching Tiger's performance: "Well, at least we know he'll play on the weekend!"

Considering his weak weekend play over the past two months, that's not been the problem.

Nonetheless, remarks like that usually aren't made about a player who has won three times in a season ... or 14 majors, 74 PGA Tour wins and a future Hall of Fame bust.  But Tiger Woods isn't the average player; Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods. Normal standards do not apply. It's all or nothing.

Woods went out Friday and played the way he is supposed to play. This is what we expect from Woods, so the lack of excitement my colleague and I felt today watching the tournament telecast felt natural.

It's like watching a professional bowler roll a strike; it's supposed to happen.

Tiger has spoiled us to the point where he can no longer exceed expectations, he can only merely live up to them.

And that is depressing.

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