Future U.S. Open venues through 2030: confirmed and speculative
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Future U.S. Open venues through 2030: confirmed and speculative


With the dust just barely settling on the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2, the talk has already begun of a return to the restore Donald Ross classic for a future Open.

The U.S. Open has hosts through 2021, with Torrey Pines being the latest selected after years of wondering if the venue would be good enough to get a second shot at the U.S. Open.


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But what about predicting U.S. Open venues between now and 2030? The USGA has already announced venues through 2020, so just another decade to predict.

Here are the venues we know into the next decade:

So what about from 2021-30? Let's make some guesses.

2025 -- Congressional or Merion: It might be a really cool thing for the USGA to decide to have consecutive Opens in a patriotic location. Between the two, Merion makes the most sense for 2026. After all, this country was formed in Philadelphia. Congressional could lose that coin flip with Merion, but hopefully would not flop as a venue for a second-consecutive time.

2026 -- Congressional or Merion: Take your pick, but the Open venue will have a very patriotic backdrop in 2026. Congressional would make sense because it's a big ballpark that can host the modern Open, whatever that means. Merion makes sense because of the Philadelphia connection, but so does 2030. Then again, Pebble Beach is supposed to host the Open in years ending with 0.

2027 -- Oakmont: This might be too soon for the Pennsylvania butcher shop with the glassy greens to host another Open after doing so in 2016, but it would be a 10th time hosting the Open, a record.

2028 -- TPC Sawgrass: There is no basis in fact, hell, even fiction, for this, but the U.S. Open has never been hosted in Florida. (For good reason, have you been in Florida in June?) What better place to host it than the site Tiger Woods won his first U.S. Amateur 35 years prior?

2029 -- The Olympic Club: This is a pure guess based on slotting for the championship. With the east coast being such an obvious choice for the '26 Open, it would only make sense to go cross-country for the '27 Open. Olympic Club is as good as anywhere.

2030 -- Pebble Beach: If the USGA decides to hold onto the notion of Pebble hosting Opens in years ending in 0 (unless it's their centennial, like in 2019), then this is a mortal lock. Sorry, Merion.


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