2016 Shell Houston Open Monday qualifiers
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2016 Shell Houston Open Monday qualifiers


Paul McConnell, Sebastian Vazquez, Nicholas Cochran and Kramer Hickok all earned spots in this week's Shell Houston Open through the Monday qualifier played on the Tradition Course at Cypresswood Golf Club in Spring, Texas.

McConnell was medalist with a 9-under 63, which was posted fairly early and held up.


The other players faced an uncertain fate. Vazquez came in later with 7-under 65. In the end, Cochran, Hickok and Martin Piller wound up shooting 6-under 66 that landed then in a three-for-two playoff. Piller was the odd man out.

McConnell, who turns 25 on Sunday, is a UT-Arlington product with one start on the Web.com Tour last year.

Vazquez, also 25, is from Mexico and plays mostly on PGA Tour Latinoamerica. However, he missed the cut at the Chitimacha Louisiana Open.

Cochran is a bit of an unknown, but he finished T-16 in the Colombia Open on PGA Tour Latinoamerica.

Hickok, who is 22, is a University of Texas product and has status on the Web.com Tour. He is also Jordan Spieth's roommate and one of his best friends.

2016 Shell Houston Open Monday qualifier results

1Paul McConnell-963
2Sebastian Vazquez-765
T3Nicholas Cochran-666
T3Kramer Hickok-666
T3Martin Piller-666
T6Julio Vegas-567
T6Matt Weibring-567
T6Eric Axley-567
T6Connor Arendell-567
T6Andrea Pavan-567
T6Joshua Brock-567
T6Gregory Yates-567
T6Heath Slocum-567
T6Bryce Garnett-567
T15Matthew Stephens-468
T15Chad Ramey-468
T15Michael Whitehead-468
T15Ethan Tracy-468
T15Parker Mclachlin-468
T15Nicholas Cullen-468
T15Tom Hoge-468
T15Brian Davis-468
T15Derek Ernst-468
T15Kelly Kraft-468
T25Michael Letzig-369
T25Blake Pugh-369
T25Kevin Vanden Heuvel-369
T25Swanson Smith-369
T25Walker Lee-369
T25Christopher Ross-369
T25Austin Connelly-369
T25Matt Hansen-369
T25Wesley McClain-369
T25Arjun Atwal-369
T25Rob Oppenheim-369
T36Thomas Baik-270
T36Scott Kelly-270
T36Sunghoon Kang-270
T36Michael Miller-270
T36Grayson Murray-270
T36Alex Moon-270
T36Brady Watt-270
T36Paul Haley-270
T36Sam Smith-270
T36Brad Adamonis-270
T36Troy Matteson-270
T36Billy Mayfair-270
T36Wes Homan-270
T49Dustin Morris-171
T49Trey Cassity-171
T49Gerardo Ruiz-171
T49Tanner Kesterson-171
T49Michael Smith-171
T49James Renner-171
T49Ben Suarez-171
T49Michael Gellerman-171
T49Wes Roach-171
T49Chris Riley-171
T49Kyle Jones-171
T49Matt Mabrey-171
T49Hunter Haas-171
T49Mookie DeMoss-171
T63Devin CarreyE72
T63Curtis ReedE72
T63Peter LansburghE72
T63David MathisE72
T63Talor GoochE72
T63Bobby WyattE72
T63Craig KanadaE72
T63David HolmesE72
T63Adam SumrallE72
T63Drew EvansE72
T63Rod PamplingE72
T63Darron StilesE72
T63Jerod TurnerE72
T63Brax McCarthyE72
T77Lucas Lee173
T77Tyler Ledet173
T77David Branshaw173
T77James Nitties173
T77Jake Sarnoff173
T77Landon Michelson173
T77Will Griffin173
T77Mark Blakefield173
T77Cole Hammer173
T77Ben Willman173
T77Frank Lickliter173
T88Chris Worrell274
T88Michael Arnaud274
T88Zachary Oliver274
T88Bo Hoag274
T88Weston Neesham274
T88Sejun Yoon274
T94Zach Cabra375
T94Brandon Dixon375
T94John Hurley375
T94Steele DeWald375
T94Matthew Henson375
T94John Kimbell375
T94Miguel Carballo375
T94Ryan Polzin375
T102Charles Wang476
T102Tim Petrovic476
T102Harry Higgs476
T105David Gossett577
T105Mark Victorian577
T105Robert Karlsson577
T105Justin Hueber577
109Conrad Shindler678
110Ryan Burke779
111Mark Ripley880
112Nathan Anderson981


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